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Hurricane Forged 4340 Steel Connecting Rods Available Stock List

Hurricane 4340 forged connecting rods and crankshafts current stock list.

Hurricane Factory VW Air Cooled Forged Steel Crankshaft Info

Hurricane factory manufactured in a wide variety of strokes with either VW or Chevy journals to fit your exact engine configuration. All of hurricane ...

Hurricane Connecting Rod Features - Various Beam Designs

With many years experience of designing, developing , engineering and manufacturing in the connecting rods fields, Hurricane has ability to handle different customers needs on connecting rods designs . Except connecting rods shoulder and small end, Hurricane also can build various connecting rods beam style . 

Hurricane High Performance connecting rods - Process of machining rods

Main rods includes Chevy,Ford, Harley Davidson, VW & Audi, Opel, Honda, Nissan,Subaru, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Isuzu, Suzuki, Mazda, Buick, BMW, Chrysler & Dodge, Fiat
Here in the following process of pictures are the 13 major operations undertaken in the production of Hurricane Speed&Performance:

The difference of the connecting rod manufacturing process: Forged vs Billet

Forging and billet as two different manufacturing processes to make high performance connecting rods, both can produce strong finished produc
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Audi 20V S2 S4 RS2 forged 4340 steel H beam connecting rods,155mm rod lengthAudi 20V S2 S4 RS2 forged 4340 steel H beam connecting rods,155mm rod lengthAudi 20V S2 S4 RS2 forged 4340 steel H beam connecting rods,155mm rod length

Audi 20V S2 S4 RS2 forged 4340 steel H beam connecting rods,155mm rod length

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Brand: Hurricane
Engine: Audi 20V S2 S4 RS2
Part Type: Connecting Rods
Center to Center Length: 155mm/6.102"
Big End Bore Diameter: 50.6mm/1.992"
Big End Width: 24.8mm/0.976"
Small End Bore Diameter: 20mm /0.787"
Small End Width: 24.8mm/0.976"
Beam Style: H-beam
Connecting Rod Bolt Diameter: 3/8"
Approximate Connecting Rod Weight: 580g per piece
Advertised Horsepower Rating: 800hp
Quantity: Sold as 5 pieces per set
Material: Forged 4340 steel
Connecting Rod Finish: Shot-peened, Polished
Pin: Bronze wrist pin bushings
Wrist Pin Style: Floating
Cap Retention Style: Cap screw
Weight Matched Set: Yes, Balanced within +/- 1g per set
Magnafluxed: Yes
Private Label: Yes, available
Custom design: Yes, accept

Audi S2 RS2 2.2L 5 Cylinder rods Description

Connecting rods have to be strong enough to handle the anticipated speeds and loads without bending or buckling under pressure. That is why Hurricane use strong 4340 material and fully CNC production line

Those Audi 155mm forged steel connecting rods fits 20V S2 S4 RS2 engines. Round shoulder design improving clearance. Shot peened improved fatigue life. Premium bronze wrist pin bushings and High Quality Race Spec Hurricane 3/8 fasteners included. They are Designed for high-stress racing applications, and reach 800 Horsepower.

Technical Features of Hurricane Speed and Performance Connecting Rods:

H-Beam design providing extended rigidity under vertical load
One-Piece forging for great strength
Shot Peening for improved fatigue life
Magnaflux Inspection guarantees that the consistency of the forged material meets our high-quality standard
Multi Stage Heat Treatment for maximum strength, dimensional stability, and fatigue life.
CNC machining for superior tolerances, precise as much as 0.15mm
Center to center is maintained under 0.05mm tolerance
Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Computer generated stress analysis of con rods
Optimal balancing for weight matched sets of ± 1gram

Audi S2 RS2 Race Car

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