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Hurricane Custom Piston Information

Everyone wants the optimum performance and durability from their engine. A custom made piston is usually more cost effective and more reliable. Custo...


Weight. Strength. Balance. When it comes to rod selection, which is more important? Through advances in technology and automation, it is now possible to provide three kinds of connecting rods in one factory (Hurricane Speed and Performance), 4340 steel, Titanium and Aluminum.

Hurricane Custom Crankshaft Information

As we know that forged or billet crankshafts are both great for high performance applications also popular at race markets. forged 4340 steel cranksha...

Hurricane High Performance connecting rods - Process of machining rods

Main rods includes Chevy,Ford, Harley Davidson, VW & Audi, Opel, Honda, Nissan,Subaru, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Isuzu, Suzuki, Mazda, Buick, BMW, Chrysler & Dodge, Fiat
Here in the following process of pictures are the 13 major operations undertaken in the production of Hurricane Speed&Performance:

Difference Between Cast, Forged and Billet Piston

Here is a short introduce for piston difference,The Surface of Piston inside. Cast piston : Inner part are totally not machined; Forged semi-finish machining piston : Inner side is forging surface and sandblasted; Billet finish machining piston: Inner part are fully finish machined.
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Hurricane is manufacturer of high performance automotive engine parts. We specialize in the rotating assembly and related components; crankshafts, rods and pistons. All our products are developed and produced in our factory on advanced CNC machinery. Our staff of engineers and skilled craftsmen are dedicated to giving your company the edge in both quality and price. Browse our website or arrange a factory tour by emailing: marketing@hurricane-rod.com.cn . Contact Now
Hurricane Replacement connecting rods bolts 7/16 - 1.600 UHL

Hurricane Replacement connecting rods bolts 7/16 - 1.600 UHL

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  • Part Number: HUR1-004H Connecting rods bolts
Brand: Hurricane
Stud Diameter: 7/16
Under Head Length: 1.600 inch                                          
Material: forged 40CrNiMoA steel                                              
Torque: 95 N*M
Tensile Strength: 212,000PSI
Weight: 34g per piece

Hurricane Performance 7/16 Conrods Cap Screws Descripition

Hurricane performance 7/16 conrods cap screws, under head length 1.600" inch, weight 34 gram per piece.

Those good quality replacement connecting rods bolts can reach around 212,000 PSI.

Except performance connecting rods, Hurricane factory also offer performance connecting rods bolts for race engines.  Hurricane connecting rods cap screw mini order quantity is only 1 piece. price 3USD per piece.  If you needs any good quality replacement connecting rods bolts at nice price, Please contact hurricane team.

Replacement 5/16 with 1.500 inch connecting rods bolts: Hurricane 5/16 - 1.500" Replacement Connecting Rod Cap Screws
Replacement 3/8 with 1.600 inch connecting rods bolts: Hurricane Performance Replacement Connecting rods bolts Size: 3/8 x 1.600" inch

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