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Hurricane Factory VW Air Cooled Forged Steel Crankshaft Info

Hurricane factory manufactured in a wide variety of strokes with either VW or Chevy journals to fit your exact engine configuration. All of hurricane ...

Hurricane Connecting Rod Features - Various Beam Designs

With many years experience of designing, developing , engineering and manufacturing in the connecting rods fields, Hurricane has ability to handle different customers needs on connecting rods designs . Except connecting rods shoulder and small end, Hurricane also can build various connecting rods beam style . 

Hurricane High Performance connecting rods - Process of machining rods

Main rods includes Chevy,Ford, Harley Davidson, VW & Audi, Opel, Honda, Nissan,Subaru, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Isuzu, Suzuki, Mazda, Buick, BMW, Chrysler & Dodge, Fiat
Here in the following process of pictures are the 13 major operations undertaken in the production of Hurricane Speed&Performance:

The difference of the connecting rod manufacturing process: Forged vs Billet

Forging and billet as two different manufacturing processes to make high performance connecting rods, both can produce strong finished produc
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Forged 4340 X-Beam Connecting Rod Set for Honda K24 K24A

Forged 4340 X-Beam Connecting Rod Set for Honda K24 K24A

  • Competitive Price
  • Forged 4340 steel
  • Design: X-beam
  • CNC machine
  • Quality Assurance
  • High Strength
  • MOQ: 100pieces
  • Delivery Time: If the goods are in stock , the delivery time is 1-3 days.
  •                If the goods are not in stock , the delivery time is 60-65 days .
  • Payment Terms: T/T , Paypal , Western Union  
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Forged 4340 Connecting Rod For Honda K24 K24a Main Sizes

 Brand: Hurricane      
 Center to Center Length: 151.99mm/5.984"
 Big End Bore Diameter: 51.006mm/2.008"
 Big End Width: 19.8mm/0.780"
 Small End Bore Diameter: 22.015mm /0.867"
 Small End Width: 19.8mm/0.780"
 Beam Style: X-beam

Honda / Acura K Series K24 Connecting Rods More Details

 Connecting Rod Bolt Diameter  3/8 "
 Approximate Connecting Rod Weight  ~
 Advertised Horsepower Rating  700hp
 Package  4 pieces per set
 Material  Forged 4340 steel
 Connecting Rod Finish  Shot-peened, Polished 
 Pin  Bronze wrist pin bushings
 Wrist Pin Style  Floating
 Cap Retention Style  Cap screw
 Weight Matched Set  Yes Balanced +/- 1g
 Magnafluxed  Yes
 Private Label  Yes ,available 
 Custom design  Yes, accept

Connecting Rods for the Honda / Acura K24A, K24 Engine's Description

Hurricane Speed and Performance X beam Forged 4340 Connecting Rod For Honda K24 K24a is a good choice for engine builders of high horsepower race applications for many years.  Per rod fully honed to reach tight tolerance, per set rods built with high strength to hold 700hp race engines. 

All Hurricane rod can macth with genuine ARP rod bolts, you can install ARP bolts to increase strength. 

At present, we have made H-beam, I-beam and X-beam of Honda / Acura K Series (K24a & K24) for different customer needs, you could choose them according to your preferences and budget. 

       H-beam                              I-beam                                       X-beam

Honda K Series K24 Connecting Rods Features:

Fully CNC-Machined from E4340 Chrome-moly forging
Heat-treated HRC:34-38
Full coverage shotpeened
End-to-end balanced in sets
ARP 2000 bolts rated at 220,000 psi tensile strength
Aluminum-bronze wrist pin bushings

Supported Vehicles:

2002–2008 Honda Accord 24TL and Type-S
2008–2013 Honda Accord Type-S
2003–2013 Honda Odyssey Absolute
2003–2005 Honda Element
2003–2013 Honda Odyssey
2003–2005 Honda Stepwgn Spada 24T
2004–2013 Honda Elysion
2006–2009 Honda Edix 24S
2005–2016 Honda CR-V
2004–2005 Acura TSX
2006–2008 Acura TSX

Honda K24A 2.4L Straight 4 DOHC Engine 

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