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Hurricane Forged 4340 Steel Connecting Rods Available Stock List

Hurricane 4340 forged connecting rods and crankshafts current stock list.

Hurricane Connecting Rod Features - Various Beam Designs

With many years experience of designing, developing , engineering and manufacturing in the connecting rods fields, Hurricane has ability to handle different customers needs on connecting rods designs . Except connecting rods shoulder and small end, Hurricane also can build various connecting rods beam style . 

Hurricane High Performance connecting rods - Process of machining rods

Main rods includes Chevy,Ford, Harley Davidson, VW & Audi, Opel, Honda, Nissan,Subaru, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Isuzu, Suzuki, Mazda, Buick, BMW, Chrysler & Dodge, Fiat
Here in the following process of pictures are the 13 major operations undertaken in the production of Hurricane Speed&Performance:

The difference of the connecting rod manufacturing process: Forged vs Billet

Forging and billet as two different manufacturing processes to make high performance connecting rods, both can produce strong finished produc
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Forged pistons for the Vauxhall Opel C20XE 2.0ltr 16v engine, 86.5mm PistonsForged pistons for the Vauxhall Opel C20XE 2.0ltr 16v engine, 86.5mm PistonsForged pistons for the Vauxhall Opel C20XE 2.0ltr 16v engine, 86.5mm Pistons

Forged pistons for the Vauxhall Opel C20XE 2.0ltr 16v engine, 86.5mm Pistons

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  • Forged Pistons,4032 Aluminum, Hurricane, Flat, 86.50mm Bore,Opel c20xe
  • Set of 4
  • Part Number:  Opel-00301
  • Estimated lead time: 35-45days
Brand: Hurricane
Part Number: Opel-00301
Engine model: Opel c20xe
Material: 4032 Forged Aluminum
Bore: 3.405in/86.50mm
Pin Diameter: 0.827 in/21mm
Total Height : 2.126in/ 54mm
Piston Style: Flat Top
Wrist Pin Included: No
Piston Ring: 1.50mm x 1.20mm x 2.5mm
Piston Rings Included: No
Highly compacted : 1.181in/30mm
Quantity: Sold as a set of 4
Weight : 0.308kg/piece
MOQ : 400pcs 

These forged piston sets designed and engineered for high performance Opel C20XE applications , all the Opel C20XE piston sets balanced to +/- 1gram, 100% CNC machined,weight balanced , fully inspected, include property paramater of metal Inspection, Chemical Inspection, Mechanical Inspection, Hardness Inspection and Over sintering Inspection etc . Compared to casting pistons , forged pistons are more lighter and stronger .

Hurricaine Piston Testing Equipment : 

    Banlance Weight Machine                                       Hardness Test Machine


All these set pistons are not include piston rings and wrist pins, packaged set of 4pcs , and each piston separated by cardboard inside of carton box to protect pistons during transportation .



Custom application pistons are available , various sizes pistons are acceptable , welcome to contact us for your private needs !
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