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Learn rods bolt -Hurricane Speed and Performance

  • Author:illan zhang
  • Source:hurricanerods.com
  • Release on :2018-01-10
When we build our engine with new connecting rods, besides choosing material, design etc, a right bolt is also important when we use conrods. They connect rods and cap, If you choose right bolt and install with right torque, you will get best result like you expect.

First, let us know how to call the each part, take ARP2000 3/8” bolt as an example,
1.Thread size: 3/8”
3.Thread length:0.600”
4.Grip length: 0.145”
5.Head height:0.388”
6.Wrench size:7/16”
7.Collar Dia.:0.555”

At present, most of our customers prefer to install ARP bolt on connecting rods, especially ARP2000 series bolt, includes: 5/16, 3/8 and 7/16. All ARP Bolts that you can choose here:

As a connecting rods factory, machine custom rods. To ensure that customers get right bolt, we usually note 3/8-24UNF-3B-1.600” on drawing when we confirm a new drawing with customers also, take Opel c20xe H-beam connecting rods as an example, most customers would use ARP2000 3/8” bolt, we will note these on drawing like this:

On the one hand, you can confirm as if we machine bolt sizes that you want, on the other hand, you can choice right bolt. Here you will choose ARP2000 3/8” bolt, 1.500” or 1.600”.

3B refer to tolerance calss
 1A=0.1905MM  1B=0.248MM
 2A=0.127MM  2B=0.165MM
 3A=0.095MM  3B=0.124MM

Question: 1.500” and 1.600”, both are ok, why?
Answer: we know: UHL of connecting rods = bolt length of cap + bolt length of rods, So UHL for Opel C20XE RODS = 22.23MM + 17MM = 39.23MM ≈ 1.545”, so you can choose both of them.

More information, please contact us by email: marketing@hurricane-rod.com.cn