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Hurricane Holiday from May 28 to May 30, 2017 - The Dragon Boat Festival

Rebecca Yu baidu.com 2017-05-27 18:18:30

We will have 3 days holiday from May 28 to May 30, 2017, because of The Dragon Boat Festival , for inquiry during this time, please feel free email us , we will respond you within 2 days . 

The Dragon Boat Festival is a very  popular festival in China , has a history of more than 2000 years .If you are interested in Chinese culture , I think you would be interested in following introduction .

The originals of Dragon Boat Festival
Quyuan ,a famous poet , served as minister to the Chu Emperor , A wise and articulate man , he was loved and respected by the common people. He did much to fight against the rampant corruption that plagued the court-thereby earning the envy and fear of other officials . Therefore, when he urged the emperor to avoid conflict with the Qin Kingdom, the officials pressured the Emperor to have him removed from service . In exile , he traveled , taught and wrote for several years. On hearing the news that the Chu has been defeated by the Qin, he fell into grief and despair , he threw himself into the Miluo River on the fifth day of the fifth month in the Chinese lunar calendar . People were sad over the patriotic poet’s death , They tossed rice and meat into the river to feed the fish and shrimps ,which would protect Qu’s body.

Different areas of the country ,the customs way is different , but most of the families would do same as follow:

1. Eating Zongzi
Zongzi is an essential food of the Dragon Boat Festival , it is said that people ate them in the Spring and Autumn Period ( 770 to 476BC). Today the fillings are more varied , including jujube and bean paste , fresh meat, ham and egg yolk etc . People will add glutinous rice and stuff, wash reed leaves or bamboo leaves , wrap up Zongzi by themselves, and then steamed or boiled the Zongzi by container . Otherwise, they will go to supermarket to buy it . 


2.Drinking Realgar Wine
Realgar Wine is a very interesting practice to drink , this kind of Chinese liquor seasoned with realgar at the Dragon Boat Festival . It is said that this is for protection from evil and disease for the rest of the year . 


3.Dragon Boat Race as a indispensable activity of the Dragon Boat Festival , held all over the country during festival , with the gun in fired, people will see racers in dragon-shaped canoes pulling the oars hurriedly, accompanied by rapid drums , speeding toward the destination. Folk tales says the game originates from the activities of seeking Qu Yuan’s body. Some experts concluded that dragon boat racing is a semi-religious , semi-entertaining program from the Warring States Period(475 to 221BC).

4.Carrying Spice Bag
Carrying the small spice bag around with you , it not only drives away evil spirits but also brings fortune and happiness to the wearer . The small bags are hand-made by local craftsmen . They’re made with red , yellow , green, pink and blue silk , fine satin or cotton . Figures of animals, flowers and fruits are often embroidered onto the bags and inside are mixed Chinese herbal medicines .

5.Hanging Calamus and Moxa
Hanging calamus and moxa (oriental plants) on the front door , this is also to ward off evil and disease.


6.Hanging Picture of Zhong Kui
Zhongkui , a legendary Chinese , has the power of exorcism. Since children are generally the most vulnerable to disease, people usually paste pictures of Zhongkui on their door or window to drive away ghosts and evil , so that they can receive extra caring at this special time . 


In some areas, people will eat eggs and garlic, it is said that this method can avoid five drugs (more refers to the snake, scorpion, centipede, gecko, toad), and be good for health.

In Short, all these activities are to honor Qu Yuan and protect people from evil and disease.

Note: Some words and pictures refer to the article in baidu.com .