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CAPAS– The 6th Chengdu International Trade Fair for Automotive Parts and Aftermarket Services

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As a leading trade fair in the region, CAPAS continues to deliver a highly integrated business platform by pulling together industry resources, strengthening the exchange of new market information and investment fromindustry leaders. In 2018, CAPAS gathered 583 exhibitors, which has increased by 12% compared to 2017, and occupying 45,000 sqm of exhibition space.

Volkswagen VR6 Connecting Rods - Hurricane Speed and Performance

Hurricane Speed and Performance 164/20mm connecting rod set for all Volkswagen 12v & 24v VR6 motors utilizing 5/16" rod bolts, and Volkswagen R32 VR6 motors utilizing 3/8" rod bolts. Forged from 4340CrNiMoA, their various beam rod structure included:H-beam, I-beam and X-beam. Sold as a set of six, balanced end-to-end, ready to install.

Volkswagen 1.8T Connecting Rods - Hurricane Speed and Performance

All of Hurricane rods are finished machined and balanced. Connecting rods Features:
Forged 4340 Steel/40CrNiMoA
Balanced end-for-end and packaged into sets of 4  /- 1 gram
Rods are shot peened
X-Rayed, Sonic tested and Magnafluxed

Hurricane forged 4340 steel connecting rods stock list in the week of April 8

Hurricane 4340 forged connecting rods in stock in the week of April 8 .

Hurricane Custom Crankshaft Information

As we know that forged or billet crankshafts are both great for high performance applications also popular at race markets. forged 4340 steel cranksha...
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Hurricane is manufacturer of high performance automotive engine parts. We specialize in the rotating assembly and related components; crankshafts, rods and pistons. All our products are developed and produced in our factory on advanced CNC machinery. Our staff of engineers and skilled craftsmen are dedicated to giving your company the edge in both quality and price. Browse our website or arrange a factory tour by emailing: marketing@hurricane-rod.com.cn . Contact Now


Bearing Tangs 2: How to measure bearing tangs of connecting rods?

  • Author:illan zhang
  • Source:www.hurricanerods.com
  • Release on :2017-07-24
With changing market, more and more customers like customize rods. As a connecting rod factory, there are three ways to start a customs rods with us:
1. Provide used sample;
2. Provide drawing if you have your engineer who could make new drawing directly;
3. Finish the form: “Hurricane customs rods Form” online.

But when customers choose third way, they face a problem: How to get sizes of bearing tangs of conrods? Now basic on this problem, we tidy two files, hope that it’s helpful for you:
Bearing Tangs 1: How to read notes about bearing tangs of connecting rods?
Bearing Tangs 2: How to measure bearing tangs of connecting rods?

Now let us start to measure them:

1st step: prepare a connecting rod and Caliper

2nd step: measure them one by one

S. _T2_
T1 Or T2 反瓦/正瓦
K. __ 2 ___
Tang Position
L. __ 2 __
Tang Position
J. __2.3 ___
Tang Width/瓦槽宽度
V. __ 1.5 ___
Tang Depth/瓦槽深度
U. __ 8 ___
Tang Length/瓦槽长度

Now do you know how to measure them rightly? If yes, welcome you to custom connecting rods at any time.

For further rod specification (with regard to weights, dimensions, bores, etc.), download and fill out one of the above forms.