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Hurricane Forgé 4340 Tiges de raccordement en acier disponibles Liste des stocks disponibles

Hurricane 4340 Battes de raccordement forgé et la liste des stocks de vilebrequin.

Vilebrequin en acier forgé refroidi par air de l'usine de l'ouragan VW Info

Usine Hurricane fabriquée dans une grande variété de courses avec des journaux VW ou Chevy pour s'adapter à la configuration exacte de votre moteur. Tout l'ouragan ...

Caractéristiques de la bielle Hurricane - Différentes conceptions de faisceaux

Avec de nombreuses années d'expérience dans la programmation, le développement, l'ingénierie et la fabrication dans les domaines des bielles, Hurricane a la capacité de répondre aux différents besoins des clients en matière de conception de bielles.

Bielles haute performance Hurricane-processus de tiges d'usinage

Main Rods comprend Chevy, Ford, Harley Davidson, VW & Audi, Opel, Honda, Nissan, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Isuzu, Suzuki, Mazda, Buick, BMW, Chrysler & Dodge, Fiat
Ici, dans le processus suivant des images sont les 13 opérations majeures entreprises dans la production de l'ouragan Speed & performance:

La différence du processus de fabrication des bielles: Forged vs Billet

Forge et billette comme deux processus de fabrication différents pour fabriquer des bielles de haute performance, les deux peuvent produire une production finie solide
Les coordonnées des ouragans, nous pensons que l'âme d'une entreprise est la qualité. L'ouragan est un fabricant de pièces de moteur automobile haute performance. W ...Contactez maintenant


PRI Show will be held in Indianapolis, December 7 - 9, 2017

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  • Relâchez le:2017-12-04

General Info

The PRI Trade Show Is The Epicenter Of New Racing Technology
Buyers From All 50 States And 70+ Countries
1,100 Exhibiting Companies Totaling Over 3,300 Booths
More New Racing Products Than Anywhere On Earth

Attention Racing Industry Suppliers:
Capture Your Share Of This Powerful Market
Conduct Business Face To Face With Racing Key Decision Makers
Get Your Products Into The All-Important Racing Distribution Pipeline
Exhibit Space Is Still Available!

Attention Racing Industry Buyers:
Preview The Latest Advances In Racing Technology And Products
Shop The Latest Machining And Fabricating Equipment
Get Ready For 2017! You Can’t Afford To Miss A Single Day
Preregister Online, And Receive Your Credentials In The Mail

Don’t miss the three biggest business days in motorsports when the worldwide racing industry gathers in Indianapolis, December 7 - 9, 2017, for the 30th Annual Performance Racing Industry Trade Show.

1,100 companies will display the latest advances in racing products and race engineering. Engine parts( connecting rods , crankshaft and piston ), suspension components, data acquisition, safety gear, new metal alloys and coatings, machining equipment, race electronics—it’s all part of the world’s largest racing trade show.

Arriving from 70+ countries and all 50 states, buyers will scour the displays to source the new technology that will be winning races next year. It’s all hardcore racing. No fuzzy dice. No neon windshield wipers. The PRI Trade Show is so big, they can’t afford to miss a single day.

Attendees are pre-qualified. Admission is complimentary, but they must all prove they own, manage or are employed by a racing business. Buyers for tens of thousands of racing retail stores, warehouse distribution centers, professional race engine builders, race car production companies, are making 2018 inventory decisions in each exhibit. They represent the all-important distribution pipeline for racing products. In the US alone, there are more than 400,000 racers, the vast majority of whom are at the grassroots level, purchasing products from their local race store or race engine builder.

Thousands of professional race teams, from NASCAR Cup teams to NHRA Top Fuel, Japan to the UK, send buyers to ensure they are current with today’s race technology.

If you are a supplier of components, equipment or engineering services active in the growing racing industry, capture your share of this powerful market by exhibiting. Conduct business face to face, and get your products into the all-important racing distribution pipeline!

If you are a racing industry buyer, we guarantee you’ll see more new racing products and technology than anywhere on Earth!

Please note that children under 16 will not be permitted to enter the Show.

Upcoming PRI Show Dates
Future PRI Trade Show Dates
December 7-9, 2017
December 6-8, 2018
December 12-14, 2019
December 10-12, 2020
December 9-11, 2021

If you need more information about PRI SHOW, please click:

As a connecting rods factory from China, now we wanna to know as if you are also interested PRI Trade Show. If yes, please give us a short reply to email: .cn , we will contact you when we come here as a exhibitors. Besides you visit our factory, we would like to show our factory, connecting rods etc on show directly.